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Ter Hoek



The advanced machinery in our climate-controlled manufacturing facility gives our team the space to do what we do best: deliver innovative and high-quality solutions, regardless of shape, size, material, or batch size. In the process, we maintain short lead times and a tight organization.


Machining EDM

The EDM machining we apply at Ter Hoek can be divided into three categories:

Microlaser | PECM

Other machining we apply at Ter Hoek can be divided into two categories:


We can accurately machine almost any material. We distinguish between:

Want to know more about our precision techniques and the possibilities for your engineering challenge? Have a look at our Micro Manufacturing webinar!

Since 1990, we have understood the world of precision components better than anyone. From service provider to problem solver – we have become specialists in precision solutions. We have always been committed to innovation and extreme precision. That is our challenge: to keep developing ourselves so we can provide even more cutting-edge solutions. Hence, at Ter Hoek, we believe in investing. In technique, in knowledge, and especially in talent. And with both Gerrit and Willem Jan on board, not only is Ter Hoek ready for today’s innovation, but also for tomorrow’s.

With our years of experience, advanced machinery, and, above all, our team’s passion, we offer high-quality custom solutions that enable you to continue innovating. We persevere and only settle for the perfect solution – no matter how high the demands because we can only stay ahead by always going the extra mile.

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