Ter Hoek
Ter Hoek

The benefit of making the right choices

We keep roughness and tolerances to a minimum and choose the most appropriate machining method. We critically examine designs so that we can achieve greater efficiency where possible. As a customer, you will reap the benefits from this. Today, but especially also in the future!

Manufacturing efficiently

Our machinery is set up as efficiently as possible. For us, a working day consists of 24 hours, and we utilize this time optimally. Many of our machines are continuously operational and, for the most part, fully automatic. This way, we can limit manual labor hours and couple process reliability with a favorable cost price. Efficiency, according to Ter Hoek!

Assurance in series manufacturing

At Ter Hoek, we understand the importance of cost efficiency in series manufacturing. The bigger the batch size, the greater the effect on a favorable unit price.

Because we control our process down to the smallest detail, we deliver very reliable series: all copies are identical, down to the smallest detail, in large batch sizes, but also with smaller quantities. Because of this process reliability, we can work a relatively large number of automated hours.


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