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What is EDM?

EDM is a form of material processing that uses electrical tension between the workpiece and an electrode. This creates tiny sparks that melt off minute pieces of the material within a thousandth of a millimeter. This process of spark erosion applies to virtually any electrically conductive material, regardless of its hardness.

Good examples are materials such as steel, carbide, aluminum, and copper. The speed of the machining process depends in part on the melting point of each material type. Well-known variants of EDM machining are technologies such as:

What are the advantages of EDM machining?

There are many advantages to EDM. Machining based on spark erosion guarantees consistent quality down to the most diminutive dimensions. Traditional machining techniques such as drilling and milling employ rotating parts to shape the material. EDM is a process without rotating parts. This enables continuous contours with sharp angles on the inside.

The extreme accuracy of the technology also guarantees high process reliability. A prerequisite for this is that the electrode is replaced promptly during the machining process. Finally, the absence of mechanical stress ensures that even the most fragile products can be machined with precision and without any deformation risk.

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Why spark erosion at Ter Hoek?

As an innovative manufacturer of precision components, Ter Hoek specializes in numerous EDM-based applications. Our customers can choose between wire EDM, die sinking, micro EDM milling and hole-drilling EDM, or a combination of several applications depending on the desired processing. And of course, we always provide fitting, custom advice.

We then develop precision components of the highest quality in our climate-controlled manufacturing facility. We do this based on long-standing knowledge and experience and for a wide range of customers throughout Europe. At present, our reputation in the field of spark erosion is not only as a service provider but also as a specialized problem solver.

What are the costs for EDM?

Despite the high-quality standards of our end products, we keep the costs for our customers manageable through the clever use of manufacturing materials and techniques. Furthermore, we do not use standard rates for our services but consider each order as a custom project that deserves individual attention and a corresponding competitive quote.

The costs for EDM processing at Ter Hoek are less than you might expect. Of course, the final costing depends on aspects such as size, shape, and the type of material used. Also, the desired batch size and specific needs of the customer can increase or decrease EDM costs.

Are you curious about how our advanced EDM machining can help your process? Our specialists will be happy to get in touch with you to discuss the vast possibilities in the field of spark erosion. Call us now on 0548 – 54 08 07 or e-mail your question or comment to info@terhoek.com.



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