Ter Hoek
Ter Hoek

Spark erosion: low roughness

Extremely low roughness levels can be achieved with spark erosion. The size of the spark can be accurately determined, and the smaller the spark, the smoother the result. At Ter Hoek, we can achieve a minimum roughness of 0.06 Ra* under certain conditions.

Roughness is represented by several roughness designations, including Rt, Rz, and Ra. The roughness indicator Ra measures the average deviation in comparison to the average profile

Heat-affected zone

In addition to roughness, the heat-affected zone also plays a role in durability. When a workpiece is heated during processing and then cooled down again, shrinkage cracks may occur. At Ter Hoek, we can minimize the heat-affected zone due to our excellent process control. In combination with the right post-processing, we can even eliminate the occurrence of shrinkage cracks entirely.


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